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When my grandmother was dying, over twenty years ago, we cared for her at home for the last eight months of her life. I remember so clearly, still, that one day, while visiting with her, she reached out to me, patted my hand, and said, "You are such a comfort to me, Marti." I never forgot those words, and tucked them away in my heart.

After she died, wanting to stay connected to her, and folks of her generation, I began using my singing skills to bring entertainment programs to nursing homes and assisted living facilities.

Through that work, I began personal room visits, bringing my guitar and music to those not able to join group activities. From these visits, came the idea to provide a visit by CD; fun, warm, and compassionate, as though someone actually had come by to say "Hello!"

I have witnessed many miracles in my work over the years, and feel truly blessed that God has brought me to this place. I can look back over the years and see the stepping stones that appeared, one by one, in front of me, to guide my path so that has become a reality.

I wish you joy and comfort.


"Marti's enchanting voice is a balm for the soul. It soothes and embraces the listener like a beloved friend, as she guides you through a delightful array of everyday moments. Everyone should experience the joy of a MartiVisit."

Lorri A. McGarvey, BSN, MS, RN

"Marti reaches out with compassion to share wholesome, heartwarming, and inspirational stories."


"Marti Sawyer's gifted voice both soothes and energizes. Her talent shines, especially when storytelling."

Susan O'Connell, LSW
Alzheimer Program Director


Kimberly M. Condon
Program Director, Marillac Activity Dept.

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