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In twenty years of providing musical entertainment and personal room visits to those in residential settings, I have seen first hand the miracles that arise from the programs put in place by caring activity staff. I applaud you!

 CDs can be used as a tool that is part of an ongoing care plan. Placed bedside, for those not able to attend scheduled activities, or those who might be experiencing a sense of aloneness, the visitation CD can provide fun, interest, and relaxation. The verbal delivery is evenly measured, and soft toned, to help alleviate any agitation a resident may be experiencing, and the content can help re-focus away from feelings of sadness or distress.

In a group setting, can be used as a sensory stimulation tool, pausing the CD at any point, to create dialogue, exchange individual experiences and feelings, and recall memories. The visits, which are each approximately 25-30 minutes long, can also be enjoyed as pure entertainment!


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